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Budget Saving Practices in Some Major Cities

Major cities are reviewing their budgets and are sometimes going to Canada for their employee prescription medications. Springfield, Mass is an example. As of 2003, the city launched an voluntary program that allows city employees and retirees to purchase maintenance medications from Canadian suppliers. And as a result have saved millions in their fiscal budget each year. Because the Canadian government mandates price controls on medications and limits the prices that Canadian pharmacies can charge, drugs sold in Canada often cost substantially less than the identical medicine sold in the U.S. Most governments of nearly all industrialized nations except the U.S have the same practice of price control. 


Pfizer's Bad Medicine for Floridians

The big drug company Pfizer has been squeezing Florida families by hiking its prices while dodging its taxes, putting a strain on both personal and public budgets. Now it’s pursuing its biggest tax avoidance scheme ever. Luckily, President Obama can stop it.

Nothing has stopped Pfizer’s recent price gouging. The pharmaceutical giant has routinely raised its prescription drug prices by many multiples of the rate of inflation, according to a new study by Americans for Tax Fairness (ATF).


Tax group blasts Pfizer, urges stop to its tax-cutting deal

A consumer group is accusing Pfizer of seeking to avoid $35 billion in U.S. taxes with its plan to buy fellow drugmaker Allergan in a deal structured to nominally move Pfizer's address to lower-tax Ireland, Allergan's home. In a report released Thursday, Americans for Taxpayer Fairness says that would also slash future U.S. taxes paid by Pfizer Inc., which will keep its operational headquarters at its New York City base.


U.S. Legislators Are Calling for A Policy Change

Group busing programs to help seniors purchase Canadian prescription drugs are an indication that the high cost of prescription drugs in the U.S. is forcing local governments to get involved with citizens in ways that are far beyond usual government roles, according to a CBC News article.


Big Pharma – Power & Political Might…    

Big Pharma is the nickname given to the world's vast and influential pharmaceutical industry and its trade group, the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America or PhRMA. These powerful companies make billions of dollars every year by selling drugs and medical devices.


Safe and Effective Alternative to the Outrageous Cost of Prescription Drugs

The subject of US consumers purchasing medications from licensed pharmacies outside the US has been the focus of various news programs lately, including features run by ABC’s 20/20 and CNBC’s investigative reporter Scott Cohen.   In most cases, the news anchors point out the obvious cost differences between medications sold in the US versus medications sold in other developed countries around the world... 


ABC 20/20 Factual Errors and Misrepresentations

This note is being shared with ABC’s 20/20 team, on behalf of the millions of Americans who purchase medications at government regulated prices from pharmacies around the world that those individuals could not afford to purchase here in the US.  A recently aired (and re-aired) ABC 20/20 show on counterfeit products presented a dizzying number of factual errors and misrepresentations to the viewing public, street peddlers and counterfeiter’s aside.  We hope in the interest of quality and factual reporting, a standard to which ABC prides itself, you will stop airing and/or correct the record regarding the factual errors broadcast in your show.

Errors and Misrepresentations

1.            Error: The program indicated that a medication ordered and shipped from Spain was expired upon arrival by mail in the US.